To MBRA Members,

As previously mentioned in our February 25 email, the MBRA is undertaking a feasibility study on a group purchase and installation of solar panels for siteholders and stakeholders on Mt Buller. Already, 40% of the MBRA membership have registered interest in this initiative and we would like to circulate this offer again to all of our members.

A similar project was undertaken some 6 years ago at Mt Hotham where 18 lodges joined together to purchase and install solar panels on their buildings. In 2018 those lodges have not only recovered their installation costs but are making money from electricity generation feeding back into the grid all year round.

Solar panel location in Alpine Resorts in 2019 have the following attractions:-

  1. Panels are 10-20% more efficient at altitude
  2. Panels are a further 5% more efficient at cooler temperatures
  3. Many buildings on Mt Buller have 3 phase supply which allows for greater power generation and income from power returned to the grid than most homes.
  4. Many of our roofs have good, uninterrupted orientation.
  5. Panel and inverter costs have reduced dramatically in price and we estimate that purchase and install costs are approximately a third of the Hotham project.
  6. Tariffs and Government incentives are attractive at the moment.
  7. Systems can have battery storage added with installation or at a later date. Battery size and power demands will determine backup capacity.
  8. Mt Buller village is growing and power supply remains an issue.
  9. Add green power to your apartment or club assets.
  10. An example on Mt Buller at the moment is a 4 year old 4KW PV system generating on average 4.6 Megawatts per year
  11. Depending on the system size it is estimated that your sites power bill can be reduced to zero over the year using credits in summer offset costs in winter.

The MBRA has undertaken a kerbside assessment of all Mt Buller sites to provide a report back to our Solar panel sub Committee.

Next Step:-

If you and/or your Club/Apartment/Commercial building would like to better understand the concept or enquire as to the suitability of your site for Solar Power installation please email an expression of interest to Darren Moore (MBRA Committee member) at darren.moore@mbra.asn.au by Monday April 4th, 2019.


Joel Dixon
Mount Buller Ratepayers Association