Over the last year or so the MBRA have been talking with a company about group electricity purchasing, this was side plan to the solar project. The Company operates by pooling a number of customers together and then getting the energy companies to do a reverse auction to win the bid. There is NO commitment to taking up the offer and no cost to the customers. They will take the best 3 offers and put them to the customer and if you don’t want to commit, you walk away.

Because of the COVID shutdown over the last 12 months, there is reduced demand for energy, this is driving the prices down, on top of that, so far this summer demand is also down. This has pushed the pricing for energy, at a wholesale level to below costs. So right now, is a good time to negotiate

We have used the power costs of one of the lodges at Buller as a guide to compare to what would be the least best price we should get offered, 20 cents/15 cents Peak/Off Peak pricing. More properties equals better pricing.

The current annual electricity cost for this lodge (2019 year) was $31,039.00. An expected worst case comparison would reduce the cost to $24,226.00, saving $6,812.00.

We will need a few items to include your property to get a quotation, an electricity bill as well as a Letter of Authority and POF (product order form) completed. You can take part in this group if you have an electricity meter, Flat, Apartment, Lodge or Body Corporate are included.

For now, we would like to know how many properties are interested. So please complete the online form and let us know. The more accounts we get, the better the offers will be. If you are a property or body corporate manager, etc, please forward this email to all your site owners who have their own electricity meters so they can have access to the group pricing.

Remember, this is not a commitment, you will be sent a quotation (as many as 3 offers) and only then make up your mind about taking up the offer.

In the first instance, please complete the simple online form here so that we can keep this moving while the pricing is very attractive.